My name sounds pretty generic, but I'm not. I'm a small person packed with tons of passion and energy.  I complete my best work when there's plenty of sunshine and lots of laughter. Aside from being a creative, I also enjoy cooking, yoga, dance, comedy and fashion. 

Before I ever knew I wanted to pursue a career in design, I was designing everything in my life. Whether it was dressing my mom before she went out, or helping design invitations well before I knew good design.  Whatever the design challenge, I was ready to solve it.

I hope to pursue a career in user experience design and branding. I love the creativity I get to use in projects that start from ground zero. Discovering the personality of each brand gives me energy and excitement. I like being able to understand a user problem and design technology to fix it. I am high energy, detail oriented, organized, driven and can't wait to design for the better.